Skid Dump Installation

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Don all required PPE. Evaluate the job task. Identify and isolate all possible energy sources relevant to this installation. LO/TO accordingly.

Skid Dump Operational Requirements:

  1. A check valve is required in the Discharge piping to prevent back flow.
  2. Supply gas regulator should be a 627 Little Joe (or equivalent) with a ¼” orifice.
  3. Supply gas tubing should be ½”.
  4. Inlet pipe (2) must be below the skid to allow fluids to gravity feed into the Skid Dump.


  1. Install desired connection fittings in the Skid Dump discharge outlet (1).
  2. Install desired connection fittings on the Inlet Pipe (2).
  3. Connect Skid Dump to skid drain or skid drain piping.
  4. Connect discharge check valve and discharge piping to Skid Dump.
  5. Check level of Skid Dump, end to end and side to side.
  6. Verify connections are tight and Skid Dump is leveled.
  7. Connect supply gas tubing to the supply inlet (3).
  8. Install PRV exhaust pipe and secure.
  9. Remove shipping plugs from the vent ports of the pressure and vent valves (4 & 5). If the vent ports are below the skid, install tubing to extend the vent port above the skid.
  10. Adjust supply pressure to 15 – 40 psi.